Bottled Water

There are a few different options when it comes to pricing out your bottled water. Contact us to find out about our introductory delivery rates at $4.50 per bottle, and about our loyalty program to earn yourself free refills as a walk-in customer.

Pre-filled Bottle Option:

Pre-filled 5 Gallon option - $5.00
Pre-filled 3 Gallon option – $4.00


Self-serve Water Bar:

Self-serve 5 Gallon option - $4.00
Self-serve 3 Gallon option - $3.50


Bottled Water Delivery Service:

We offer our customers a competitive rate of $8.50 per bottle delivered. We do not charge our customers delivery fees and we will never lock you into a contract.

  • 3 bottle minimum per order.
  • Promotional pricing for new customers: get your first two bottles at a rate of $4.50 per bottle.

Water Coolers:

Water coolers can be rented for as little as $10.00 per month plus applicable tax. Please give us a call at the store for more details.

There is a $50 cooler cleaning fee upon return of your unit, or prolonged periods of use. Any damages will be assessed and customers are responsible for the costs of any replacement parts or units as required.

We offer cooler cleaning for your personal residential units. Inquire at the store.


Metal Bottle Cradle - $31.99
Bottle Nozzle - $19.95
Top Pump - $22.95
Cups - $6.00
Cooler Cleaning Kits - $19.95
Crock Water Dispensers - $68.00

*plus applicable tax

Please call the store regarding accessories that may not be listed above.